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by hiring top talent in Latin America.

Tap into our network of high-quality, talented professionals that match your technical and cultural needs. Let our recruiters find the best candidates for you. Pay only if you hire.

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How It Works

Discovery Process

First Call

HireBoost would have a first call to understand your goals, needs, and expectations. We would gather information about profiles, job descriptions, projects, the culture/values of the company, benefits, and salary ranges.

Recruiting Process


HireBoost will find potential candidates through their internal database, connecting with professional groups, using LinkedIn, among other resources.

HR Screening

HireBoost would contact each candidate to do the first screening and assess soft skills, experience, culture fit, and a high level of proficiency in English. Professional references are also checked. Each candidate receives personalized mentoring and guidance in the interview process to ensure the candidate’s recruiting experience is outstanding. In our experience, providing this support boosts candidates’ motivation to join the company and increases hiring conversion rates.

Client Interview Process

Top candidates will be passed to you. Usually, companies do the following type of interviews:

  • Interview to assess behavior/cultural fit.
  • Interview to assess capabilities & hard skills. Having candidates do a test or similar is highly encouraged for technical roles.

Hiring Process


Once the best candidate is selected, the candidate enters the negotiation phase and signs the contract with your company. If desired, HireBoost can act as your remote worker’s legal employer. We can handle contracts, payroll, taxes and HR.


HireBoost shares our expertise on best practices and provides mentoring to new hires so they can be successful in their new roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to issue work visas for hiring in Latin America?

No, you don’t. The candidates are not US-based, so you don’t have to issue any work visas. You hire them as international contractors.

How do I handle payroll?

HireBoost can handle your payroll. If you prefer, payroll can be handled directly by your team.

Can you help us find talent in the USA?

Yes. While our focus is to help you hire professionals in Latam, we have successfully helped clients recruit professionals in the USA.

In what countries do you search?

We connect you with great talent from countries like Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, among others. If you have a preference, we can tailor the search to specific countries.

What roles do you help us hire?

HireBoost specializes in Sales and Marketing (Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist, Business Development Representative, etc), Operations & Administrative roles (Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, etc), Design Roles (Graphic Designers, UX/UI Designer, etc) and Technical roles (Software Engineers, Product Managers, etc).

What salaries should I pay?

Depending on the role, we suggest a salary range that adapts to the market.

Do you help find part-time roles as well?

Yes. Our hiring minimum is 20 hours per week.

What is your pricing model?

If you want HireBoost to act as your remote worker’s legal employer (handle contract, payroll, taxes, and HR) we charge a monthly fee.

If you only need help with the search of candidates, we charge you a competitive fee based on the annual salary of the candidate. The fee is based on the type of role and is paid in installments.

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