Our story

I’m Valeria Aguerri

In 2020, after many friends, colleagues, and family members lost their jobs, I started sharing content on social media to help professionals in Latin America to navigate the difficult job market and land jobs. I felt confident that my career mentoring experience collaborating with organizations and companies such as Google, IBM, Dell, Latinas in Tech, Dress for Success, and Prospanica Austin would be of tremendous help to the Latin American market.

After the boom of remote work, I started sharing tips on how to land remote positions with US-based companies as I noticed a massive increase in demand, and it was a win-win situation for everyone. On the one hand, companies can save a lot of money by hiring exceptional English-speaking talent in the same time zone. On the other, professionals in Latin America can access better opportunities and earn more money.

One day, I received through LinkedIn a message from a start-up CEO that wanted me to help him find top talent in Latin America.. And then, another…and another. This is when I had my “eureka” moment and realized my passion for connecting US companies with talented and highly-qualified professionals in Latin America could be more than sharing content on social media.

However, I wanted to make things different.

I didn’t want to build just another recruiting firm focusing on numbers and hitting goals, but that forgets about your actual needs and the candidates’ experience. Hiring a great team is about hiring great, qualified people that share your values and believe in your mission.

So, I decided to put that at the forefront of our business.

At HireBoost, we pride ourselves on being a true partner for your business while we ensure the candidate’s recruiting experience is outstanding. In our experience, providing this support boosts the candidates’ motivation to join the company and increases hiring conversion and retention rates.

If you’re part of a US-based company with an important mission and want to hire top talent to make it possible, we would love to help you in this journey.

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